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A Must Read For All Parents And Players

A Parents Guide To Developing A Baseball Player
This is a very important guide for any parent or player that wants to be developed into an elite ballplayer
A Parents Guide To Developing A Baseball[...]
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The Mid Atlantic Baseball Academy: Focusing on STUDENT-ATHLETES

Welcome to The Mid Atlantic Baseball Academy, we specialize in preparing baseball players to become student-athletes.  Not every player may end up playing MLB baseball, but every player has the opportunity to go to a good college. 


At the Mid Atlantic Baseball Academy, we do things differently.  Each participant will be provided with the environment, structure, and personal accountability to strive on the field and in the classroom.  We feel that baseball is a metaphore for life, the lessons learned by setting and achieving goals, learning their sport at the highest level, and becoming leaders will carry over in everything that is done on and off the field.


There is a simple formula that we take very seriously.  K -A = N.  What does that mean?  We feel that it is the formula to a better understanding of academics and athletics.  K is Knowledge.  A is activity and N is nothing.


In academics:  If you have been given the knowledge in your books and notes and you do not study (Activity), you end up with NOTHING (K - A = N).  To reverse that, if you study hard (Activity) and you have the wrong notes (Knowledge) you end up with NOTHING.


In baseball: If you practice real hard (Activity) and you do not practice the correct fundamentals (Knowledge) you end up with Nothing.  If you have been provided with the correct fundamentals (Knowledge) but do not practice, you end up with NOTHING.


We demand that our students will have the opportunity to go to college, we provide the knowledge to make them succesful on and off the field.  We also provide the activity and teach them that they are accountable for their own actions. 


We can go on and on about our philosophy and facility, so if you or your son is interested in playing college baseball,  we encourage you to call and set up a FREE no obligation consultation.

If you are interested in learning more about MABA, please call and set up a FREE no strings attached consultation.  We will be happy to analyze your son's pitching, fielding and hitting and we will sit down and do a video session. 

Who We Are

We are dedicated to teaching and motivating developing ballplayers to reach their potential on the field and in the classroom.  We utilize state of the art technology and provide the structure and facilities to excel.

What We Do


At MABA we focus on one simple concept. It is never about how smart in school or how good at baseball you are now.  It is always about how smart in school and how good in baseball you COULD BE if you understand and apply K - A = N.